The Impact of Responsible and Sustainable Investing

Here's a couple of pictures from my recent participation at a conference organized by HKUST on the Impact of Responsible and Sustainable Investing. We have had some brilliant discussions! ...
November 21, 2014

Hooking up with a charity. Latest piece in The Times (Raconteur)

Why is it that engaging with charities has always been such a challenge for corporations? First and foremost, charities are quite a distinct stakeholder and one that corporations have the least experi...
October 24, 2014

My latest interview (vid) with Prof. Karl Moore in the Globe and Mail

Check out my latest interview (video) with Prof Karl Moore (@profkjmoore) posted in The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail) <iframe width='480' height='375' frameborder='0' sc...
June 18, 2014

The Sustainability Agenda: Interview in BSR

You can read my latest interview about the Sustainability Agenda in the latest issue of the Business Strategy Review here: ...
June 3, 2014

Podcast with Guardian's Jo Confino: Are business schools failing to teach sustainability?

Are business schools equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the skills they'll need to face a number of urgent global challenges? From climate change and resource scarcity to inequality, the bu...
May 20, 2014

Pretty Green! My new article in Business Strategy Review (BSR)

Greenwash has become a byword for the worst kind of sustainability strategy – all talk and no action. But have we thrown the baby out with the green bathwater? There may be some commercial value...
February 28, 2014

Prof. Ioannou speaks to India's The Smart Manager About Sustainability

Key idea: Corporations can no longer pay mere lip service to creating sustainable business practices and impactful corporate social responsibility policies. Today, to remain competitive in the long-ru...
February 11, 2014

Prof. Ioannou's interview with Accenture's Institute for High Performance

Doctor Ioannis Ioannou is Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, specialising in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Tim Cooper interviewed him...
December 4, 2013

Read "Changing the World" in Special Edition of BSR

Companies increasingly want to change the world and make a profit. Ioannis Ioannou and Heather Hancock survey the new reality. Against the current backdrop of threats to public budgets, systemic ma...
October 21, 2013

HRH Prince Charles cites our work on Sustainable Organisations

The Prince of Wales has told the pensions industry to use a longer-term investing approach or risk a "miserable future" for the next generation. He warned a National Association of Pens...
October 17, 2013

My Research

I am a strategy scholar whose research focuses on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). More specifically, I seek to understand whether, how, and the extent to which the modern business organization contributes towards building a sustainable future. My academic work evolves around two main themes: a) understanding how investment analysts, and the public equity markets, perceive, evaluate and react to corporate engagement with, and integration of, environmental and social issues into strategy and b) understanding the multiple factors (e.g. institutional, regulatory, behavioural) that may affect, drive or hinder, the corporate decision to adopt environmentally and socially responsible strategies.

Upcoming Events

February 27, 2018

Prof. Ioannou will be speaking at LBS HR Strategy Forum

April 27, 2018

Prof. Ioannou will be speaking at ESMT's Sustainable Business RoundTable

May 24, 2018

Prof. Ioannou will be speaking at LBS's Private Equity Symposium