Watch: The Rise of the Responsible Corporation

Many, if not all companies around the world, are facing pressures from multiple stakeholders to become more responsible, to have a positive social impact and to contribute towards building a sustainab...
January 26, 2018

Prof. Ioannou will be a speaker at the 2017 Global Investors Forum in Switzerland

Delighted to share that I will be speaking at 2017 Global Investors Summit Consider joining me for this great event! Register here: #impact #thoughtleadership #inv...
July 23, 2017

Prof. Ioannou opines on US withdrawal from Paris Agreement

If the multiple reports are confirmed, and President Trump pulls the U.S. out of the landmark Paris climate accord (thus joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only other two countries that declined to jo...
June 1, 2017

Emerald Citations of Excellence 2017 Award

Our paper with George Serafeim (HBS) on Corproate Social Responsibility and Access to Finance has been selected as a winning paper in the prestigious Emerald Citations of Excellence 2017. Each year...
May 22, 2017

Prof. Ioannou will be a keynote speaker at CSR conf in Cyprus

Join me! I have been invited to speak at a CSR conference in Cyprus, organised by the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development (DG EPCD) of the Republic of Cyprus. My ...
May 18, 2017

Sustainability post-Brexit: the great invisible issue

It’s a remarkable cause for concern that sustainability has been completely absent from all the Brexit discussions to date – publicly, at least. Yet environmental regulation isn’t a ...
April 4, 2017

Prof. Ioannou on Aramco's $5bn investment in solar panels

A true commitment to green energy crucial for success Dubai, UAE, 26 March 2017 – A number of oil and gas majors are going through an existential crisis in recent years given that the world i...
March 27, 2017

Prof. Ioannou opines on UAE Energy Plan 2050

DUBAI – Having a long-term energy plan will boost sustainable long-term investments in the UAE, says a London Business School expert. This month, the UAE government unveiled a three-decade en...
March 3, 2017

Prof. Ioannou delivers keynote at Norwegian School of Economics

It was a pleasure and a privilege to deliver the keynote speech today at the FIBE conference, organized by the Norwegian School of Economics, on Sustainability: From Surviving to Thriving. More inform...
February 10, 2017

Prof. Ioannou opines on Apple’s Tax Debate, with Prof. C. Magelssen (LBS)

APPLE’S TAX DEBATE: GETTING TO THE CORE OF THE MATTER The issue of corporate tax avoidance is often discussed in relative isolation, without really considering the efficiency and effectivenes...
September 5, 2016

My Research

I am a strategy scholar whose research focuses on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). More specifically, I seek to understand whether, how, and the extent to which the modern business organization contributes towards building a sustainable future. My academic work evolves around two main themes: a) understanding how investment analysts, and the public equity markets, perceive, evaluate and react to corporate engagement with, and integration of, environmental and social issues into strategy and b) understanding the multiple factors (e.g. institutional, regulatory, behavioural) that may affect, drive or hinder, the corporate decision to adopt environmentally and socially responsible strategies.

Upcoming Events

February 27, 2018

Prof. Ioannou will be speaking at LBS HR Strategy Forum

April 27, 2018

Prof. Ioannou will be speaking at ESMT's Sustainable Business RoundTable

May 24, 2018

Prof. Ioannou will be speaking at LBS's Private Equity Symposium